About Us

UAC Management is a full service management company based in UK and found in 2014. With significant experience in the different fields of the music industry, our team’s main goal is to support and help talented and passionate artists by utilising unique and cutting-edge know-how strategies for delivering and achieving the most efficient and successful results in the fields of artist development, PR, branding, marketing, media networking, design and every other aspect relevant to an artist’s career.

We are not interested in how many sales, views or likes you are generating. If you have what it takes we will get you to the place you deserve to be at.

UAC Management is also the production force behind UpAndComingTV – a media platform that presents web-series, band interviews and exclusive segments featuring the best and the most exciting bands in today’s music business, as well as exclusive performances and content from other well-established youtubers on a weekly basis.