“Don’t worry about chasing things that don’t need to be chased. Worry about opportunities that come to you and worry about doing the best with those opportunities, instead of searching for stuff that maybe isn’t there. A lot of people constantly worry about stuff that they don’t have. Just as humans, I think that’s how their brains work – they don’t realize that life can be simpler if you can just simplify your line of thinking. At some point, we just realized that we are making ourselves miserable, since we have the amazing opportunity to have a great career, but we were worried about what we weren’t able to do and at this point we knew that we have to completely change our perceptions.”

Hawthorne Heights is surely not a name that requires detailed introduction, considering the absolutely legendary status, which this group possesses, achieved through years of presenting genre-defining music responsible for the development of the alternative culture to its current status. So, receiving the opportunity to welcome the one and only JT Woodruff to our channel and have an insightful discussion about the struggles that one of the most respectable and accomplished bands had to go through in order to achieve success, the mentality which should be adopted in the process of establishing a sustainable career in the entertainment business, the personal responsibilities that should be taken into consideration when possessing a significant profile as an artist more are only the main highlights of our interview with JT, so if you want to enjoy the advice for success by an amazingly successful, wise and erudite person as JT – don’t miss the newest episode of our “Musician Talk” segment!

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