“We have always been very serious towards our music, but this time we wanted to achieve this specific organic feel, rather than being very carefully crafted. When it comes to creating music, for us it’s not about creating something better, but something that is another step in our musical journey, as we believe this makes more sense for an artist, instead of constantly trying to outdo ourselves.”

UpAndComingTV is back with a brand new episode of our original interview segment – “Behind The Album” – as this week we have the pleasure to welcome the very special Trenton Woodley and Alex Pearson of the unique and distinctive Hands Like Houses, which (we are absolutely sure that you will easily agree) is one of the most innovative and artistic formations in the alternative scene nowadays. The characteristics that distinguish the group’s brand new album – “Anon.” – from everything that Hands Like Houses has created so far, the different techniques utilized in the process of creating it and the specifics of the album’s essence are only a few of the topics that Trenton and Alex were generous enough to share with our viewers, so if you would like to receive in-depth information about how an extremely talented and creative band developed one of the records of this year – make sure to watch our full interview!

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